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A Prodhigi

We have been playing in the hygienic and disposable raw material market since 2000 and along with a skilled staff since 1982, we are among the most experienced companies which are focused on service to the client.

Our commitment is offering high quality products to our clients as well as technology at competitive prices, so that our products can have international standards.

Our raw material is supplied by differentiated manufacturers, and quality constancy is analyzed and controlled in our routine.

Our products are in accordance to ANVISA norms (Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária) for disposable products, by frequent regulated analysis of the administrative rule # 1480, of December 31, 1990. 

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+55 11 3931-2333
+55 11 3931-2333
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Tel: +55 11 3931 - 2333
Avenida Doutor Mauro Lindemberg Monteiro, nº 185 -  Galpao comercial e servicos 17 Santa Fe, Osasco – SP


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